Event Info:

  • Sept. 15th - 17th, 2020
  • 10:00AM - 6:00PM
  • Int'l Conference Center Annex, Garki Abuja
  • Abuja
  • FCT Abuja
  • +23414541523
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Nigeria is the 5th largest producer of palm oil in the world and the largest in Africa. Palm produce especially oil and kernel used to contribute highly to the Gross Domestic Product before the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria. It used to be one of the mainstay of the nation’s economy. With a well-developed palm oil industry, Nigeria can export the product and earn foreign exchange which will be a boost to her economy diversification policy. Palm plantation is expected to increase annually in Nigeria in the next 5-7 years to achieve the over 3,000,000 hectare of land experts say would lead to her self-sufficiency in oil palm and allied products production to meet demands..


PAC Africa Expo and Conference is organized to provide an annual forum where Nigerian and other global players in agriculture as well as allied sectors are brought together in a business setting to showcase latest technologies, systems and innovations that could be deployed to harness the abundant potentials in the Nigerian agricultural sector and thereby catalyze its development and contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

It is also organized to help in bringing to the front burner of economic discuss and policy the importance of driving the nation’s economic diversification policy through the platform of Agriculture which is the largest employer of labour in Nigeria and the surest means of empowering a larger segment of the population across the urban, semi-urban and rural areas.

It consists of:

  1. International Oil Palm Equipment & Machinery/Products Expo [PALM Africa] is a strategic business gathering and market place for international manufacturers and suppliers to showcase latest produce, technologies, equipment, etc. to targets in their large numbers. It is geared towards servicing the needs of the entire oil palm industry/business as it provides a unique forum for stakeholders in the industry to interact, as well as constantly sensitize the government on the need to continuously create enabling environments for the development of the sector to boost businesses and the nation’s socio-economic development. The event serves as a key platform to entering, maintaining and increasing the visibility of indigenous and other global stakeholders in the largest oil palm market in Africa and the 5th in the world.
  2. Agriculture-Technology Expo [Agritech Expo]. Agritech is an Exhibition and Conference on Agriculture, Farm Machinery/Equipment, Agri-Processing Technologies, etc. it is everything agriculture and the technologies/innovations that drive the business.
  3. Cassava, Roots& Starch Expo Africa [Cass Africa] is an event that brings together indigenous and international manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters and other relevant global players and stakeholders in the industry to showcase, equipment, machineries, products/services and allied businesses in the cassava, yam, potatoes and other roots as well as starch businesses to existing and potential clients in Sub-Sahara Africa’s largest market.
  4. Rice &GrainsExpo Africa [RG Africa]thisis used to showcase produce, machineries, innovations etc. in the Rice, Grains, Cereals and allied sectors. It is primed at servicing the needs of the entire cereals subsector/business through the interactions of all the stakeholders in the sub-sector.

The all-encompassing annual event also has a Seminar/Conference segment where renowned experts in the industry from across the world converge to treat topical issues in the various agricultural and allied sectors to help in training and updating the knowledge of our practitioners; to complement what is already on ground and to help in enhancing the development of the industry with the attendant benefits to the nation.


The Expo is designed to amongst others:

  • Attract experts and operators in the palm produce/services and allied industries worldwide to showcase latestequipment, machinery, facilities, systems, innovations and management solutions which can be effectively harnessed to develop the sector and boost businesses.
  • Offer immense opportunities for networking and business expansion and widening of operational scope for global players in the sector by serving as gateway to the largest palm oil/produce market in Africa
  • Provide an annual forum for operators and stakeholders in the industry to be constantly updated with latest technological/management trends and as such, present an opportunity to review policies and programme implementation strategies to keep the industry in tow with the developmental needs of Nigeria
  • Promote the policy of public-private sector partnership in developing the sector to enhance socio-economic development. It also serves to provide a unique forum for stakeholders from both sides to exchange ideas.